By clicking on the box covers below, you are asking the Elohim to
 show you one out of the 74 cards from the "Embracing The Elementals" deck.
This card presented to you is the most appropriate for you at
this particular moment in time.

The Elohim are supreme beings of the Elemental realm much like the Archangels are to the Angelic realm. The Elohim of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water are some of the most primal energies that co-created the universe and our planet under the guidance and love of our Divine God Source.

Spend a few moments looking at the Shelorian Portraitâ„¢ they show you. 
Feel its energy and benefit from its beauty.
Next, read the text. This message is specifically for you.
It is, and remains, your choice to accept and/or act upon the information given.
Thank you for your participation!
Those of us who choose to gain personal awareness, make it easier
for others to do the same. Your contribution is greatly
appreciated and most beneficial to all concerned.