Nature’s beauty and the Elemental energies of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water are portrayed through the photography of Shelor Duffee throughout this website. With her work she humbly participates in introducing these energies and assists them in expressing themselves to all peoples interested and open to the experience. The Elementals in turn, assist us, the human race, in co-creating the salubrious evolution of our planet by giving us insight into living life fully.

Embracing DiversityThe Elementals see you and I as radiant beings of energy, light, and spirit intertwined in unity with all living things on our planet. Our dense flesh and bone are hosts to the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic aspects that inhabit our individual beings. Usually, people recognize the Elementals in their denser forms of earth, clouds, fire, and water. However, it is through the connection of the lighter aspects of our beings that people can better relate with the Elemental Realm.

Angel“Angel” was the very first Shelorian Portrait™. Shelor photographed her in early 2001 whilst hiking out of a shallow cave behind a waterfall in Pisgah National Forest, N.C. Life immediately began to change for Shelor as people shared reactions to this inspirational image.

Shortly after photographing “Angel,” Jesus Christ began direct communications with Shelor. For an intense three weeks Christ communicated many things to Shelor including options to the life she was leading. Somehow, beyond her understanding, the Angel, now called Shambwael, made it easier for Shelor to cope with and integrate the Christ energy and the information given. During those exciting and difficult weeks, Shelor’s senses became keener and she became more consciously aware of everything. She expanded in both the lighter and denser aspects of herself. She came in touch with a level of guidance and knowledge she had never known before.

Mother's HeartWhilst one day out on the beach of Pawleys Island, S.C. Shelor heard a voice telling her to look down and she began to notice the play of light in the pools of low tide. As she walked, she began photographing the light dancing in the water. Its effects were profound on her. She felt an enormous connection with the energy coming through the camera. After the photographs were developed and shown to people, Shelor realized that those who saw the images were also being affected by them in profound transformative ways.

After several days of nonstop photography and running that intense energy, not only did Shelor notice that she had changed, but her friends did too. Even “Mother Nature” began to react with her in auspicious ways. Ospreys began to hover close above her as she walked the beach. Multitudes of star fish pushed themselves up and out of the sand, dancing around her as she walked in knee deep water. Even jelly fish encircled her and gently floated around her whilst she was in the water.

Hunger for TruthSoon, unbeknownst to Shelor, malicious circumstances were in motion for her to easily exit from her lucrative catering business. A voice told her “one door has closed so another may now open for you.” As Shelor was still not completely trusting of this entire experience, the changes were in the beginning difficult to her, and to those around her.

Although Shelor was at times afraid that this change was not of a divine nature, something bigger than herself gave her the courage to keep moving forward on her new path. She went into prayer and meditation on an average of five to eight hours a day for the first six months with periods of fasting and silence. From there, she began putting together a routine of disciplines that would best sustain her, and suit her new mission in life.

In the Fall of 2001, whilst on a serendipitous visit to Mount Shasta, CA, more unusual light formations appeared and called to be photographed by Shelor. They began a clearer communication with her and they began appearing in more tangible form. More Shelorian Portraits™ were developed and Shelor, along with others, were in awe when seeing the images.

Portal to PracticeIn the Fall of 2002, Shelor received a much-awaited message from Jesus Christ that it was time to leave her home in S.C. and do that which she had been preparing to do. Shelor got in her car with $400 to her name and followed Jesus’ direction across the country.
She traveled for approximately 3 years, taking pictures along the way with her small automatic camera.

Shelor witnessed and experienced many miraculous events before settling to develop her projects. Many people are fascinated with Shelor’s portraits, their stories, her journey, and the knowledge and wisdom she gained whilst fully experiencing this portion of her journey in life. “Embracing the Elementals” card deck with Shelorian Portraits™, and developing the Awareness Sessions with her portraits, are the first projects to be introduced. Shelor is currently working on several books of fiction, loosely based on her experiences.

Shelor trusts that by sharing her experiences and work, that the fear in people will be replaced with a courageous and ignited passion to pursue their own soul’s purpose and that their heart space will expand as hers did. She hopes that this work with the Elementals serves to unite all religions and spirituality, and that a neutral bridge is built for all faiths to walk together, hand in hand, into the promise land.

Shelor chooses to live her life based on guidance and teachings of Jesus Christ and the positive, loving messages of all religions. Every day she prays, meditates, contemplates, and appreciates. She is committed to riding the wave of our great Holy Spirit and she listens to her Divine God Source. Shelor embraces the diversity of all that is, as it is, and she believes that everything serves its purpose. Shelor experiences joy in trying to live each moment of her humanness to its fullest potential and she is committed to doing that which is most beneficial for all concerned.

Blatently BurstingThere is no adequate expression to describe the immense gratitude that Shelor holds in her entire being for the guidance, protection, knowledge, and healing that is shared through the love of Jesus and the Christed energy in all of life. It is the sturdy foundation of who she is.

Shelor is grateful to all the people who have and continue to participate in her personal development. Without them, she would not be able to learn and practice her lessons. Shelor is honored to know all of those who contributed in their own unique ways to her personal growth. It is their collaboration of effort, courage, love, kindness, and, at times, the lack of all that, that has brought her to this wonderful place in life.

Shelor is thankful and appreciative to the Elemental Energies that so kindly allowed her to photograph them and for the energy and information they share. She is honored to fulfill this part of her destiny that is in relationship with the Shelorian Portraits™, the “Embracing the Elementals” deck, the Awareness Sessions and you. Shelor prays for peace, joy, and contentment in every moment of every life and she is humbled and greatly appreciative to those who view this site.