Twinkle of DesireShelorian Portraits™ are authentic photographs representing Nature’s beauty and the Elemental Energies of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. These divinely inspired portraits were produced without digital manipulation and many were taken with a small automatic camera during the time of Shelor’s personal awakening and development.

Like the Angels, the Elementals embrace all paths to our God Source regardless of religion, spirituality, or belief systems, and they are ready for the call to assist people in the healthful evolution of our planet. The Elementals assist those who intend to contribute to the beneficial progression of all concerned. The natural healing frequencies of the Elementals are the fundamental basis of the life force energy of our God Source that created all of the elements, from which the universe and every human is made.

Sunny Side UpDifferent cultures call the Elemental phenomena by different names. They are sometimes referred to as the Gnomes of Earth, Sylphs of Air, Salamanders of Fire, and Undines of Water. Among other names, they are sometimes referred to as Devas, Faeries, Angels of Nature or Nature Spirits. Even though the Elementals are connected to Mother Nature, the Angels and Faeries, they are different. They each vibrate and radiate at their own frequency. Each plays a vital role and participates in their unique way to this big diverse and abstract thing called “life.”

In darker days, when witch-hunts were popular, people were condemned to horrible deaths for communicating with the unseen forces in nature. Many kind loving and innocent people were burned at the stake or drowned for basically doing what was intrinsically and instinctively natural, which was interacting with the nature that surrounded and provided for them. The horrendous murders that man inflicted with the use of the elements caused the Elementals to retreat from human interaction.

Blue NativeDuring that time the Elementals went into themselves and quietly evolved whilst communicating with only a few chosen people. This contributed to certain cultures neglecting to communicate with and to care for the planet. As many humans have now evolved and are no longer fearful of the repercussions, many are reestablishing awareness of the intrinsic wisdom in nature.

In response, the Elemental Energies are once again making themselves known to mankind. The entire realm itself is moving closer into our planet and consciousness much as the Angelic realm moved in twenty or so years ago. It is more than commonplace to see Angel images and to hear about Angel experiences. Shelorian Portraits™ in the card deck “Embracing the Elementals” are a unique way to be introduced to the Elementals and their healing frequencies.

Face of the PhoenixLike the Angels, the Elementals focus on helping people and our home planet. They are not about becoming deities or being worshiped. They are about working together in respectful harmony with all the divine energies that our God Source created and blessed us with. The healing frequencies of the Elementals in nature are truly some of the most profound and simple gifts our God Source bestowed upon our planet. The hope is that people use this energy wisely for the beneficial evolution of the earth and the human race.

A major contributing factor in people not accepting the existence of the Elementals, outside of being taught that it is wrong or ridiculous, is that there is no one form or familiar image the Elementals use to relate to us as the Angels do. Usually, people recognize the Elementals only when they appear in a form people can relate to, like seeing a human or animal image in the clouds, the bark of trees, or in rock formations.

The Elementals now ask humans to recognize the true essence of their being through the form they are: a cloud, a tree, or a rock, through not just the way it looks but by the way you feel when you see it or think about it. The Shelorian Portraits™ can help you identify some of the varied forms of the Gnomes, Sylphs, Salamanders, and Undines, and their vibrational frequencies. Once acknowledged, you become aware of and can receive the natural healing frequencies found in Nature simply by observing your natural surroundings.

Feminine VirilityPeople have had many different experiences with the Shelorian Portraits™. Healing, in every aspect of your being, can occur from gazing upon their beauty. They can bring an incentive to remove obstacles in your life. They can ignite your passion for health, sound relationships, and satisfying work. Feelings of joy, comfort, peace, rushes of energy and even overwhelming emotional outbursts have resulted from feeling their frequencies.

The subtle healing frequency of a Shelorian Portrait™ always radiates out to the viewer. You might simply be attracted to the beauty of these unique photographs, which is wonderful. But, if you pay attention to how you “feel” when looking at them and can see what it brings up for you, then they become about more than just visual beauty. They become comprehensive healing tools.

The Elemental Energies of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water are ready and waiting for your call. When you find a place for the Shelorian Portraits™ in your life, you will begin to experience a new level of healing energy and gain a new perspective on life. “Embracing the Elementals” inspirational card deck is an enriching way to connect with and enjoy the jewels of Nature.

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