The DancerAwareness Sessions with Shelor are an interactive process in which the cards from the ”Embracing the Elementals” deck are used as tools for clear input. Awareness Sessions bring keener awareness to situations, feelings, and/or habits for your progressive growth and transformation. The title, empathic relevance, and words of insight on a Shelorian Portrait™ is pertinent to the Elemental energy of the portrait. The subtle healing frequency of a Shelorian Portrait™ radiates out, to the viewer, the intrinsic healing energy found in Nature.

You might simply be attracted to the beauty of these unique photographs, which is wonderful. But, if you pay attention to how you “feel” when looking at them and can see what it brings up for you, then they become about more than just visual beauty. They become comprehensive healing tools.

Pesky PatternsDuring an Awareness Session, you choose the portraits, either by random or by the images you are most drawn to. Shelor uses the information you share, along with insight she is given from the energy of the portrait, to assist you in finding answers from within yourself. The information Shelor shares with you is that which is most beneficial for you to hear at that particular moment in time. All sessions are confidential and treated with the utmost respect for the individual receiving the session.

Awareness Sessions help you recognize yourself and can help you develop a practice of appreciation for honoring the truth of who you are. For those who want to be the best they can be, it offers validation and promotes change in those areas of your life most necessary for you. Every session is unique and transformation always occurs when you choose to accept the information given during a session.

It is your personal responsibility in choosing to receive, affirm, appreciate and activate your awareness for beneficial change. It is, and remains, your choice to accept and/or act upon the information given during a session with Shelor. Neither she nor TSO Enterprise is responsible for the choice of your free will.

SpiraculationThe Elementals see you and I as radiant beings of energy, light, and spirit intertwined in unity with all living things on our planet. Our dense flesh and bone are hosts to the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic aspects that inhabit our individual beings. It is through the connection of the lighter aspects of our beings that people can better relate with the energies of the Elemental Realm portrayed in the Shelorian Portraits™. The healing frequencies of the Elementals found in Nature are truly some of the most profound and simple gifts our God Source bestowed upon our planet. The hope is that people use the energy of Nature, wisely, for the beneficial evolution of the earth and the human race.

Like the Angels, the Elementals embrace all paths to our God Source regardless of religion, spirituality, or belief systems, and they are ready for the call to assist people in the healthful evolution of our planet. The Elementals assist those who intend to contribute to the beneficial progression of all concerned. The natural healing frequencies of the Elementals are the fundamental basis of the life force energy of our God Source that created all of the elements, from which the universe and every human is made.

Shelor is thankful and appreciative to the Elemental Energies that so kindly allowed her to photograph them and for the energy and information they share. Shelor trusts that by sharing her experiences and work, that the fear in people will be replaced with a courageous and ignited passion to pursue their own soul’s purpose and that their heart space will expand as hers did.

Open HeartThrough her work, Shelor humbly participates in introducing these energies of Nature and she assists them in expressing themselves to all peoples interested and open to the experience. The Elementals in turn assist us, the human race, in co-creating the salubrious evolution of our planet with Nature by giving us insight into living life fully. There is immense gratitude for those of you who are willing to progress in your life. By taking courageous steps to change yourself, you make it easier for others to also embrace change and contribute to the beneficial evolution of our planet. Thank you.

Shelor is currently one of the only people conducting the Awareness Sessions with Shelorian Portraits™. If you would like to have a session please contact Shelor.

Workshops for the training and transmission for appropriately conducting the Awareness Sessions
with the Shelorian Portraits™ are now available.
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